Welcome to the Crooked Path Homestead

Welcome to the Crooked Path Homestead–the online version, that is! I’m so glad to have you here!

We’re a small family learning to homestead in the suburbs on less than ¼ acre! The life that led to homesteading, and our homestead journey itself, has been filled with twists and turns–hence “Crooked Path!”

Our History

Like many suburban homesteaders, I don’t have a long family history of homesteading. The internet has been a wonderful resource to teach myself skills that I wasn’t taught, and now I get to pass them down to my children.

If you had told me just 5 years ago that I would be growing a serious garden, raising backyard chickens, and learning to preserve food, I would have laughed! I had my tiny garden in the backyard of a townhouse and had zero aspirations for getting my food from anywhere except at the grocery store!

Now I wait eagerly for my seed order, drool over chicken catalogs, and happily maintain a lazy compost pile. Life sure does get interesting, doesn’t it?

What Changed?

My interest in being more self-sufficient when it came to our food really did start in 2020. Sound familiar? It feels a bit surreal now to remember living through it. I started watching homesteaders on YouTube and kept wishing I could do what they did.

But I was–and still am–well and truly stuck in town. I felt like I couldn’t do that. Even though I had put in a small garden when we moved to a slightly bigger place.

Something shifted for me in January of 2021. I decided to make having that dream homestead a goal.

Can you homestead in town?

And more importantly, I decided to go ahead and own it. There were so many things homesteaders do that I didn’t have to wait to have a larger property, I could do them now!

So many skills I would need to run even a small homestead in the country that I could start learning and implementing into my life now!

Mindset is what changed, and I think you’ll notice, mindset is an important part of any homesteader’s toolbox, no matter where they live!

Our Future

The goal for our homestead is to eventually purchase some land and move out of the suburbs. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t grow food, raise animals, and learn skills here.

I want to invite you to come alongside us! Follow our homesteading journey, with all its twists and turns. And start your own journey while you’re at it!

Wait, You?

Yes, you! What brought you to my little corner of the interwebs?

An interest in backyard homesteading? Urban chickens?

Are you like me, and stuck in town? Feeling like you can’t wait to start building the homestead of your dreams?

I want you to read that last sentence again, because we’re turning it on its head. 

If you’re like me, and you’re stuck in an urban area, you can’t wait until you’re out in the country to start building your homestead. It starts now!

No, it won’t start with a barn and huge vegetable garden. It will start with adding knowledge and skills to your “toolbox.” As Jess at Roots and Refuge says, “Make your waiting room your classroom!”

You don’t do it all at once. It’s baby-step after baby-step.

It’s starting right where you are, figuring out where you want your homesteading journey to go, and then taking steps towards that goal!

If you’re questioning whether or not you can do this, let me set your mind at ease. 


When I started, I had never touched a chicken that wasn’t already plucked, and I was actually scared of cows! I knew almost nothing!

When I started homesteading I was actually scared of cows!

the ashley from not too long ago

(I did at least know how to cook!)

If I can do it, so can you!

Is it going to look like more traditional homesteading? Probably not. But it will be homesteading because that really starts in your heart and mind.

So How Can I Help?

First, I’m your biggest cheerleader! In case you’ve missed it, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

If homesteading is something you want to do, I firmly believe that you don’t have to wait, and you shouldn’t!

Start where you are!

I’ve been evaluating and adding to my “homestead toolbox” for 3 years now. If you’re just getting started, I remember quite clearly where you are! I’ll be writing posts about how to get started in the coming weeks.

I love breaking things down into little steps to achieve a big goal! 

Maybe you dream of owning a milk cow–one of the things you can learn now is how to make your own dairy products (Even just 2 gallons a day is too much just for drinking!)

Learn to make yogurt, butter, cheese, and ice cream! If you already know how, when you add the actual cow to your life, you’ll be far better equipped to handle it!

I’m going to be bringing 3 things to the blog:

Researched posts on different aspects of homesteading in an urban area, including my own insights from my experiences.

Inspiration to encourage you to take the next step on your homesteading journey.

Actionable steps you can take right now where you are that will add to your personal “Homesteading Toolbox.”

Ready to come along?

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Hugs and Blessings!


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