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When I started canning, I knew one big name: Ball. It was on so many of my jars, and I had come to trust the company. So when I started looking for a book, I decided to get all 3 of the Ball canning books I found! But the most useful by far has been the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

It is truly a comprehensive guide that features a wide variety of recipes, instructions, and tips for beginners and experts alike in the world of canning and preserving.

I know there are good online resources. But for me, nothing beats a book in my hand. This book has been the detailed and well-organized resource that I have turned to over and over as I learn canning at home.

This Ball canning book has been around for years, and its latest edition offers an updated take on canning techniques and recipes that cater to modern tastes. From water bath and pressure canning to other forms of preservation like fermenting, it covers all the bases for safely preserving your food at home.

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Who Is The Book For?

A woman holding the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. The book has several sticky notes at the top bookmarking recipes.

Anyone from a beginner canner to an old-time pro could thoroughly enjoy using this book.

For beginners, there’s detailed explanations. I never felt lost as I used the book to learn canning. Everything from the recipes, descriptions of each step of the canning process, to helping me calculate how much fruit or veggies I needed for a recipe was all there.

For pros, there’s a wealth of recipes to try to keep things interesting, and interesting notes with the recipes. I can honestly just sit down and browse through the book the same way I might browse a recipe magazine.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely thorough, with good illustrations where needed.
  • Large variety of recipes to choose from.
  • Supports new canners and pros alike


An open book with a photo of tomatoes. There are two other sections of photos on the edge of the book.
  • The photos are in separate sections, not with the recipes, so it’s hard to appreciate them. Visually, it’s a very functional book, not necessarily a beautiful one.
  • The large amount of recipes could be overwhelming to some.
  • There are some recipes I wish gave an approximate weight amount with the cup measurement.

Overall, I would highly recommend the book for anyone that is serious about getting into canning. It’s an extremely thorough resource that has quickly become one of my favorite books.

Frequently Asked Questions

What recipes are included in the Ball canning book?

The Ball canning book contains over 400 tried-and-true recipes for preserving various vegetables, fruits, and other types of food. You can find a vast variety of recipes, including jams, jellies, pickles, and more. Whether you are a seasoned preserver or a newbie looking for a simple recipe, this book has something for everyone.

Are there beginners’ guides in the Ball canning book?

Yes, the Ball canning book features a section specifically designed for beginners. It offers step-by-step instructions, tips, advice, and easy recipes to help you can successfully and safely, even if this is your first experience with canning.

Is the water bath method featured in the Ball canning book?

Absolutely! The water bath method is an essential technique showcased in the Ball canning book. It provides detailed instructions and accompanying advice on how to leverage this popular method for canning jams, jellies, pickles, and other preserves.

Are the safety guidelines in the Ball canning book reliable?

Yes, the Ball canning book emphasizes safety guidelines such as processing times, temperatures at which pathogens die, and troubleshooting tips. These guidelines are crucial for ensuring your culinary creations are preserved safely and effectively. You can trust that the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is a reliable source for safe food preservation practices.

What pressure canning tips does the Ball canning book provide?

The Ball canning book covers pressure canning extensively, offering various tips and advice on how to use this method efficiently and safely. Among them are proper pressure regulation, adjusting processing times according to altitude, utilizing correct jar sizes, and recognizing when it’s necessary to consult an expert for troubleshooting and advice.

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