Setting my goals for 2024.

Another year is upon us. And while I never put much stock in New Years resolutions, this actually is a great time to set homesteading goals.

Gardening hasn’t started yet for the year. I’m not raising chicks. And the winter weather makes me want to stay indoors huddled up close to the fire.

Perfect time to dream and plan, right?

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Looking Back on 2023

A great place to start is thinking about what I did last year. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

A woman holding a jar of goat milk.

You can read more details on my various experiments and experiences here. But I successfully grew asparagus from seed, despite initial challenges. I also attempted winter sowing (which was a big flop), enjoyed a bountiful cucumber harvest in spite of planting them late, grew my squash plants vertically for the first time, and started making my bread by hand.

Additionally, I gained confidence in water bath canning and raised chicks, dealing with challenges like pasty butt and predators.

I also had the opportunity to travel and visit some cousins and see their homesteads. I even got to milk a goat for the first time!

Define Goals for This Year

So this year, I want to continue learning. I want to build on some of my existing skills, and develop new ones.

Some things I want to try again, and see if I can succeed this year. Like growing onions from seed.

Garden Goals

A person pouring pickling brine into a jar of cucumbers.

Since I learned to can this year, I want to try to find a paste tomato that grows well in my area. And I want to grow more cucumbers so I can make more pickles!

Since I want to try fermented pickles, I’d like to grow dill this year (that one is new for me) so I have it fresh on hand for pickling. Some recipes even recommend using a dill flower, and where am I going to find one of those if I don’t grow it myself?

Livestock Goals

We lost a few chickens to the raccoons this fall, so I’ll be raising chicks again to build our flock back up. I’m hoping to find a breed that lays well through the winter since my flock quit laying a few months ago. (Although, as of January 6, I did find an egg in the nest box. Yay!)

I’d like to learn more about keeping rabbits for meat. I’m not sure where to start on this one, but since I live in an urban area, I’m limited on the number of poultry I can have, and I’d rather raise egg layers. So this is something to research this year.

If possible, I’d like to learn to butcher chickens. I have friends that do this, but I haven’t managed to go when they were doing it.


I’d really like to learn to make candles this year. Partly because I’ve had a small candle-making kit sitting in my closet. For a year or two. It’s so sad.

And while I’ve made lip balm, I’d like to make some lotion, too. My hands are really needing the extra moisturizer as winter weather sets in.

Preserving Food

This one has been difficult for me. Between learning to garden and grow enough to actually put away, I only really started preserving food last year.

A wicker basket filled with fresh strawberries.

I want to increase my canning. I can’t wait to can strawberry jam from my own homegrown strawberries! But I want to try other things, too, like applesauce, and ketchup. And I’m on the hunt for an approved canning recipe for sweeter pickles than I made this year.

If I can work up the courage, I’d like to learn to pressure can. Hopefully my grandma can help me. And I know I have a friend that would love to learn alongside me as well.

And I’d like to learn to water glass eggs this year. Last year, I froze my excess, and while that’s great for scrambled eggs, omelettes, and baking. I’d like to learn a method that’s more versatile and doesn’t take up my freezer space.

Outline the Plan

That’s…a lot of goals. Reading it all at once may seem a little overwhelming, but it will naturally fall into different parts of the year.

January through March are slower months. That’s going to be a good time to do research, order any seeds I need, try making candles or hand lotion, maybe learn pressure canning with store-bought meat, and start my seeds for this years garden.

April through June are busy months with putting in the garden, raising chicks, and enjoying the warmer weather!

That brings us to July through September and hopefully a lot of food coming in from the garden and eggs from the chickens to be put away. So that’s when the dehydrator and the canner will get a lot of use. And hopefully I’ll get to water glassing my excess eggs for winter.

And last we have October through December. Which will likely be “catch up” months. My garden usually finishes sometime in October, so things slow down once that’s cleaned up. Then it’s time to evaluate what I didn’t attempt yet and see where I can work it in before the holiday season hits and I’m busy making gifts.


So there you have it! This years goals actually written down for the whole world to see! Excuse me while I go run and hide now. Ok, not really.

I’m excited to see what I get to do this year and how much I learn! Embracing the learning process is a huge part of homesteading, and this is another opportunity.

Do you have big goals for this year? I’d love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments below!

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